Every one of my paintings has an observable history of physical process and energy recorded in its layers of material. I use acrylic and oil paint, charcoal, oil sticks, and in particular collage elements composed of intricate shapes cut from painted paper. I juxtapose color and texture amid these collage pieces and the layers of paint that they reveal underneath. As each work evolves, shapes seem to become three-dimensional, and color and spatial relationships develop intuitively. I then begin to make conscious choices to deliberately enhance these qualities and to integrate all of the elements within the composition.

The imagery in my paintings comes directly from my subconscious and evolves through the disciplined silencing of logic. The depicted space may range from flat and decorative as in Chance to compositions that possess landscape qualities as in Enroute and Crossing. In these ethereal landscapes, the images created do not intentionally refer to any real physical places or objects. However, one can readily see the distinct influence on my painting of the contrasting environments in which I have lived and worked. For example, in Reminisce, the palette and forms denote the snowy winters of Vermont and Pennsylvania, while the verdant coast of rural South Carolina, near the oil refineries of Louisiana, and the subtropical lushness of South Florida are reflected in the colors and shapes of Brood.

In all of these paintings, I manipulate the formal elements of color, shape, line, and texture in order to evoke an emotional response or set a mood. My intention is to impact the viewer's senses in such a way as to provide an escape from the literal and a path toward introspection.